Leveraging the Power of Technology in Custom Vehicle Designs

As of 2022, consumers are opting for in-person events over online experiences. In 2021, 96% of consumers attended online experiences, whereas in 2022, that number shifted to 68% in person, and only 32% of consumers preferring online interactions. If you’re wondering if it’s the right time for your brand to plan a roadshow, there’s no […]

3 Unique Types of Experiential Marketing on the Road

Some of the most effective ways to create a meaningful, memorable experiential marketing brand experience on the road is through roadshows, pop-up shops, and sales demonstrations. These experiential marketing strategies allow brands to engage with customers in a more personal, interactive way, creating a lasting impression and driving brand awareness and loyalty. But these are […]

Why Use Custom Vehicles in Your Marketing Campaign


Experiential marketing has been gaining traction in recent years, with companies relying on an in-person experience to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty and even revenue. This form of marketing focuses on creating meaningful experiences for customers to engage with, rather than simply pushing out traditional advertisements. Experiential marketing with branded custom vehicles is an effective […]

The Benefits of Working With an Experiential Marketing Agency

Event Marketing

Experiential marketing, also known as “engagement marketing,” “event marketing,” or “live marketing,” is a marketing strategy that involves creating immersive, interactive experiences for customers. These experiences can take many forms, including roadshows, pop-up shops, sales demonstrations, and more, and are designed to engage customers on a deeper, emotional level, creating a lasting impression and driving […]

2023 Mobile Marketing Tour Planning: 9 Tips for Success

With the rise of technology, marketing has become increasingly digital. But there’s still something special about reaching out to customers in person. A mobile marketing tour in 2023 could be just the thing to boost your sales and get people excited about your products or services.  Here are some tips on how to plan a […]