As of 2022, consumers are opting for in-person events over online experiences. In 2021, 96% of consumers attended online experiences, whereas in 2022, that number shifted to 68% in person, and only 32% of consumers preferring online interactions. If you’re wondering if it’s the right time for your brand to plan a roadshow, there’s no better time. Consumers are craving in-person interaction and to discover brands they can commit to. 


The evolution of technology has given birth to innovative marketing strategies that allow brands to create a personal connection with their customers. Experiential marketing is one of the latest and most effective forms of marketing that involves creating memorable and impactful experiences for consumers. Custom vehicles have become an integral part of this type of marketing, and technology has transformed the way these vehicles are designed, built and used to create memorable experiences.

Leveraging Technology in Custom Vehicle Designs

There are various ways in which technology has influenced custom vehicle designs to enhance the consumer experience. Advances in 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD) software have made it possible to design custom vehicles with intricate details and greater precision. These technologies allow brands to create unique and highly detailed vehicles that stand out from the crowd.


The integration of smart technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR), has opened up a new world of opportunities for experiential marketing. Some brands are using IoT to monitor the performance of their roadshows and to track consumer interactions. This data can then be used to improve the design and functionality of the vehicle and to make future experiences more engaging and memorable.


In addition, AR is being used to create virtual experiences that complement the physical experience of the custom vehicle. For example, a consumer may be able to interact with a virtual product display, try on virtual clothing or access information about the brand’s products, all from within the brand’s well-designed custom vehicle. This creates a unique and immersive experience that is difficult to achieve with traditional marketing methods.

Integrating Technology into Custom Vehicles

One of the bestways you can take advantage of the ever-evolving technology is by integrating it into the vehicle itself. From interactive displays to virtual reality experiences, technology has opened up a world of new possibilities for custom vehicle designs.

Interactive displays, for example, allow consumers to engage with your brand and learn about your products in a way that feels intuitive and entertaining. With touchscreens, motion sensors, and other interactive technologies, consumers can learn about your brand in a fun way that sticks with them.

Using Technology to Enhance the Roadshow Experience

In addition to integrating technology into custom vehicles, it can also be used to enhance the overall roadshow experience. From tracking and monitoring your vehicles to managing your roadshow staff, technology can help you create a more efficient and effective roadshow.


Working with an experienced company like Creative Coach Solutions, you can leverage the expertise of a tour manager and the latest technology on your roadshow. Here’s where you can request a free proposal


What does it look like to use technology to improve the roadshow experience? GPS tracking and monitoring systems allow you to keep track of your custom vehicles in real-time, ensuring that they’re always on schedule and in the right place. This can be especially helpful when coordinating a large-scale roadshow with multiple vehicles.


Technology can also help you manage your roadshow staff more effectively. With apps and other tools, you can keep track of your staff’s schedules, assignments, and tasks, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Leveraging Social Media for a Mobile Experiential Tour

Social media is another technology that can help you leverage the power of custom vehicle designs. From creating buzz and excitement around your roadshow to reaching new audiences and building relationships with your consumers, social media can help you get the most out of your custom vehicle designs.

By using social media to share photos and videos of your custom vehicles and roadshows, you can build buzz and excitement around your brand. 

You can also use social media to reach new audiences and build relationships with your consumers, creating a community around your brand and engaging with them in real-time – such as going live at location or tagging the location of your custom vehicle. You can tag visitors and participants as well to increase visibility and tap into their networks.

It’s a Wrap (Pun Intended)

Technology is changing the way we think about experiential marketing, custom vehicle designs and roadshows. By leveraging the power of technology, you can create memorable experiences for your consumers and reach new audiences in innovative and impactful ways. 

From interactive displays to GPS tracking and social media, there’s no limit to the possibilities technology can bring to experiential roadshows. 

So start exploring the world of technology and see how you can integrate it into your custom vehicle design today!

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